2018 NIV Every Sunday Subscription

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Elegant bulletins to capture your spirit! 

8 ½ x 11 - $3.23/50 per Sunday 
8 ½ x14” Perforated - $3.85/50 per Sunday 

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Cover Scripture reference is NIV

Printed on 60# offset paper

Continuous subscription: Will receive bulletins until Anchor Wallace is contacted to suspend or cancel. 1-800-533-3570

Use the front cover to convey valuable information like your church name, worship times, phone number and address for an additional continuous quarterly charge of $1.25 per 50 bulletins

Minimum quantity: 50

Back Page is blank for you to add your own message

Imprint price: $2.50/hundred

Changes or Cancellations due 60 days before ship date

Available in both 11" and 14" Pre-printed Welcome panel. 

Is your Church interested in outreach and evangelism? Do you value having members' input or learning about specific problems or challenges your members are facing? The perforated panel, which is a part of our 8.5" x 14", can help you accomplish those things and more.

New Subscribers
Get your First Quarter FREE! 
As a new subscriber to an Every Sunday series, your first quarter is on us when you order a year of bulletins.  Please add promo code 74M in special instruction box on checkout page.


Shipping Schedule:
Jan Feb & March ship November
April May & June ship February
July Aug & Sept ship May
Oct Nov & Dec ship August

8.5 x 11 (0.0645 x 13=0.84 per Sunday/per quarter price)$0.84
Extra for Palm Sunday 11"$0.07
Extra for Easter 11"$0.07
Extra for Christmas 11"$0.07
8.5 x 14 Perf (0.0769) x13=1.00 per Sunday/per quarter price)$1.00
Extra for Palm Sunday 14" Perf$0.08
Extra for Easter 14" Perf$0.08
Extra for Christmas 14" Perf$0.08

PRICING FOR Extras / Options:
Imprint on Every Sunday Bulletins per bulletin

Email all imprint information if applicable to Anchorwallace@anchorwallace.com
Start effective which quarter
  • First quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Third quarter
  • Fourth quarter
Pricing reflects per quarter price