2017 NRSV Art Subscription

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The Revised Common Lectionary is an orderly, comprehensive, and relevant set of Scripture readings for use on every Sunday. It gives a structured approach to Bible study and worship. The RCL offers two tracks of Old Testament texts for the Season after Pentecost or Ordinary Time: a semi-continuous track(1), which moves through stories and characters in the Old Testament, and a complementary track(2), which ties the Old Testament texts to the theme of the Gospel texts for that day. The entire Lectionary covers three church years

8 ½ x 11 - $3.16/50 per Sunday
8 ½ x 14 – 3.77/50 per Sunday 

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Back Page Option: Blank

Front cover scripture references are based on The Revised Common Lectionary (NRSV).

We also offer scripture back page copy on our RCL photo series


  • 60 lb offset
  • Must order a subscription, cannot order individual bulletins
  • Continuous subscription until you contact us to suspend or cancel - 1-800-533-3570
  • Minimum quantity: 50 per Sunday
  • Imprint price: $2.50/hundred
  • Changes or Cancellations due 60 days before ship date


Shipping schedule:

Dec,Jan & Feb ship October
March,April & May ship December
June,July & Aug ship March
Sept,Oct & Nov ship June

8.5 x 11 (0.063x13=0.82 per Sunday/per quarter price)$0.80
Extra for Palm Sunday 11"$0.06
Extra for Easter 11"$0.06
Extra for Christmas 11"$0.06
8.5 x 14 (0.075x13=0.98 per Sunday/per quarter price)$0.98
Extra for Palm Sunday 14"$0.07
Extra for Easter 14"$0.07
Extra for Christmas 14"$0.07

PRICING FOR Extras / Options:
Imprint on Every Sunday Bulletins per bulletin

Start effective which quarter
  • First quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Third quarter
  • Fourth quarter
Pricing reflects per quarter price
Email all imprint information if applicable to Anchorwallace@anchorwallace.com