2020 NRSV Photo Every Sunday Subscription

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The Revised Common Lectionary is an orderly, comprehensive, and relevant set of Scripture readings for use on every Sunday. It gives a structured approach to Bible study and worship. The RCL offers two tracks of Old Testament texts for the Season after Pentecost or Ordinary Time: a semi-continuous track(1), which moves through stories and characters in the Old Testament, and a complementary track(2), which ties the Old Testament texts to the theme of the Gospel texts for that day. The entire Lectionary covers three church years.

8 ½ x 11 - $3.39/50 per Sunday
8 ½ x 14 – $4.04/50 per Sunday  

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Back page copy options: Blank or NRSV scripture readings.

Track 1: Follows the 1st set of readings in RCL. Track 2: Follows a 2nd set of readings in RCL.

8.5 x 14" perforated is only available with a blank back version.

The perforated panel is blank so you can add your own outreach message.

60 lb offset

Continuous subscription until you contact us to suspend or cancel

Changes or Cancellations due 60 days before ship date

Minimum quantity: 50 per Sunday

Imprint price: $2.50/hundred

New Subscribers - get your First Quarter FREE!

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Shipping schedule:
Dec., Jan & Feb ship September
, April & May ship January
June, July & Aug ship April
Sept, Oct & Nov ship July

8.5 x 11 (0.068x13=0.88 per Sunday/per quarter price)$0.88
Extra for Palm Sunday 11"$0.07
Extra for Easter 11"$0.07
Extra for Christmas 11"$0.07
8.5 x 14 (0.08x13=1.05 per Sunday/per quarter price)$1.05
8.5 x 14 Perforated(0.075x13=0.98 per Sunday/per quarter price)$0.08
Extra for Palm Sunday 14"$0.08
Extra for Easter 14"$0.08
Extra for Christmas 14"$0.08

PRICING FOR Extras / Options:
Imprint on Every Sunday Bulletins per bulletin

Bulletin Copy
  • Blank
  • Perforated Blank Back
  • Photo Lutheran Track 2
  • Photo NRSV Track 1
Start effective which quarter
  • First quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Third quarter
  • Fourth quarter
Pricing reflects per quarter price
Email all imprint information if applicable to Anchorwallace@anchorwallace.com