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2022 NRSV - Revised Common Lectionary Every Sunday Subscription

Quantity 50
8.5 x 11 (0.0684x13=0.89 per Sunday/per quarter price) $0.89
Extra for Palm Sunday 11" $0.08
Extra for Easter 11" $0.08
Extra for Christmas 11" $0.08
8.5 x 14 (.0815x13=1.06 per Sunday/per quarter price) $1.06
8.5 x 14 Perforated (.0815x13=1.06 per Sunday/per quarter price) $1.06
Extra for Palm Sunday 14" $0.09
Extra for Easter 14" $0.09
Extra for Christmas 14" $0.09
PRICING FOR Extras / Options:
Imprint on Every Sunday Bulletins per bulletin
Quantity 50
Price: $0.03
Configuration Choices

Bulletin back page copy

  • Blank
  • Perforated Blank Back
  • Lutheran Track 2
  • NRSV Track 1

Start effective with quarter

  • First quarter
  • Second quarter
  • Third quarter
  • Fourth quarter

Pricing reflects per quarter price


The Revised Common Lectionary Scripture includes readings on every Sunday with a structured approach to Bible study and worship. Two tracks of Old Testament for the Season after Pentecost or Ordinary Time are included.

Track 1: Scripture moves through stories and characters in the Old Testament.

Track 2: Scripture ties the Old Testament to the theme of the Gospel.

The entire Lectionary covers three church years.

New Revised Standard Version of the Bible


New Subscribers: Get your First Quarter FREE!! Your first quarter is on us when you order a year of bulletins. Please add promo code 74M when you checkout.


Available in three sizes:

8.5" x 11" - blank or scripture readings on the back page - $3.56 per 50 (1 year) 
8.5" x 14" - blank or scripture readings on the back page - $4.24 per 50 (1 year) 

8.5" x 14" - perforated with blank back page - $4.24 per 50 (1 year)


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Back page copy: Blank or NRSV scripture readings 

Track 1: Follows the 1st set of readings in RCL.

Track 2: Follows a 2nd set of readings in RCL.


Add your churches imprint: $2.50 per 100. 

Imprint location: 8.5" x 11" - front cover, 8.5" x 14" - back cover bottom standard

Email imprint information to


• Minimum quantity: 50 per Sunday 

• 60 lb offset
• Must order a subscription, cannot order individual bulletins.
• This is a continuous subscription.

• For changes or cancellations contact customer service:

   1-800-533-3570 or

   Notification is required 60 days before ship date.


Submit your order form (click here) and your Church's tax exempt form to 


Shipping schedule:
Dec, Jan & Feb ship in September
March, April & May ship in January
June, July & Aug ship in April
Sept, Oct & Nov ship in July



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Case Quantity: 150 units
Case Weight: 33.00 lbs.
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